Kody meets Pippi!

2012-08-05 @ 09:31:37
Time to say good bye to Munna for the day - we´re off to Pippi Långstrumps (Longstockings) World! (Astrid Lindgrens värld)
Kody woke up in Vimmerby with crazy hair!
Started off by visiting Pippi and her horse Lilla Gubben!
Running around outside of Pippis house!
And climbing in Pippis tree!
Checking out the bugs jumping on the water surface!
Climbed up a rock and turned into a tiger!
On the pirate ship!
 Kodys new house!
 Inviting me in for a coffee!
 A bit small for mamma!
 Walking around in the little village!
Maybe theres some little cows in there? 
 Kodys in heaven :)
 Its Kody/Pippi!
 Riding an old tractor!
 Checking out a swedish conifer cone!
Deciding on which of Emils toys to buy!
 Another freakishly small house!
 After all the excitement Kody got a bit tired so it was time to go home....
 and check out auntie Cats briliant drawings!