For my husband part 2

2011-06-11 @ 08:40:26
Yesterday Kim gave us the best present, a free pass to the wildlife park Kolmården!! Including a dolphin show, a ride in a gondola through the safari park and lots more! Kody even has a new friend now, the snow leopard...

Here are some pics from yesterday, enjoy!

Kody didnt want to sleep the whole day, but just before we got on the gondola he couldnt keep his eyes open anymore :)

Not a bad view hey...

Had such an amazing day, Thank you so much Kim for giving us the best day!


For my husband

2011-06-06 @ 11:17:38
Will do this one in englisias so that my husband on the other side of the world can read it!


Mammut!!! He went straight to his table and chair when we got to mum and dads!

Trying out the playground outside mum and dads!

It was a great success!!

Time to get ready for bed!

And crash!!!!

Hanging out with my new friends Malte and Viggo!

Time for bänarp!!!

Kody has an amazing day at Bänarp, as did we all, as usual!

This summer place has been rented by our family (they refuse to sell because of the land) since my mum was 4 years old, so since 1965 I think! Pretty cool!

Kody is loving it here in Sweden, theres so much to do and so many people to see, parks to be played in and kids to be played with!
But he is missing his Daddy alot, and cant wait to get back to him!