New shoes

2012-07-30 @ 14:07:16
Someones a very lucky boy
And someones a very lucky girl


2012-07-23 @ 17:56:01
Having a nice warm morning bath before heading off to Stockholm for the weekend!
When we got on the train we realised Kody was all about playing and going nuts! (licking the floor was a favourite)
After looking at some animals at Skansen it was time to have some ice cream!
Kodys great auntie Eva joined us and instantly became Kodys favourite! He rewarded her by letting her carry him around - everywhere!
Acting nutty on the Dala-horse!
It mustve been something wierd in that ice cream that Kody and Mommo shared...
Walking back towards the trainstation!
After a good nights sleep and a beautiful buffe breakfast at the hotel, Kody, Munna and Mommo jumped in the pool!
Home again - I told Kody we were gonna go have a nap, he got very upset and decided it was better to put himself to sleep on the couch :)
16 days left til we start the trip back to Oz, Im not looking forward to it at all, but I am looking forward to the 10th of august when we get to see Daddy Jack again!
See ya!

Stable hand!

2012-07-18 @ 13:12:28
Kody with his brand new black eye
no fun
Getting a new haircut is more fun!
Mums getting some work done as well :)
Always up for a snuggle on the balcony!
Or why not go nuts in Bänarp! (summer place)
Time to help Cat prepare for her riding session!
Test round
Oops, got side tracked!
Yep, this ones ok!
Couldnt have done it without Kody!

the 4H farm!

2012-07-16 @ 21:29:00
As soon as we  got to the 4H farm Kody was off - bunnies, cats, goats, pigs, horses, ducks - most of them just walking around wherever they wanted - lets just say Kody was in heaven!It
The last picture was ment to be of us all, but a wasp came to close so I had to bail :)
Was another fun filled day for Kody, and the pigs - Pumba and Göta, was a big hit with me and Cat. Kody was unfortunately a bit scared of them but managed to pat them once!

A day at the Trägårdsföreningen park!

2012-07-05 @ 20:20:02
Attitude... - Eeeeeh I think I told you yoghurt... not milk....
I want the yoghurt in heeeere!
Mmmmm bacon cheese!
Yummy icecreams with auntie Cat at Trädgårdsföreningen!
Who needs long legs for cycling when youve got Cathrine "the speed addict" as your auntie!
Testing out the swings!
See, mum can be fun too...
The lettuce and the strawberry
The lettuce looks very happy indeed!
The sun and the carrot were also very happy!
Happy times :)
Miss you lots daddy Jack!!


2012-07-01 @ 09:13:49
Cutest boy in the world loves his little babybath, as long as he has a palmtree (?) and some toys in there with him!
He also gets veeery excited about smör (butter) on his rice crackers! MMMmmm butter's the best!
And borrowing munnas (grandads) hats one day was a real mission and he refused to give them back...
We are having a fantastic time, but missing someone special very much....
Picnic in the park is on the menu for today!
Hope the weather in Adelaide isnt too bad, im counting on spring to start on the 10th of August this year!
Lots of love from Kody and myself!