Sweden 2012!

2012-06-22 @ 10:12:14
For my amazing husband Jack and all my english speaking friends! More updates to come!

There were lots of presents waiting for Kody when we got here!

Finally Kody got to catch up with Chanel (the cat) again!

Kody was a bit more excited than Chanel and was determined to get some cuddles!

The jetlag makes us get up around 5am, so weve walked mum/mommo to work twice already!

Went up to "Valla" one morning with dad/munna and played and looked at the horses, goats, ducks, bunnies etc! Great morning!

Kody also got to "drive" an old tractor!

We´ve been here for 3 days now, still abit jetlaged but hopefully that´ll be gone by next week! Today is midsummers eve so we are going to celebrate that with all my relatives on dads side, its gonna be a big party and hopefully Kody will meet some new friends!

Everything here is wonderful and the weather has been great, the only thing that could make it better is if Jack was here and could share it with us!

Take care!


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