Midsummers Eve

2012-06-23 @ 08:48:08
Celebrated Midsummers Eve at my aunties place, in Mjölby - my old hometown! Kody had an amazing day, especially since he started the celebrations in the pool!

Catching up with with cousin Emma and her fiancee Olof!

Strawberries and cream, a midsummers eve classic (must!)

A nom nom nom!

Party party for the big kids!

My little midsummers eve boy with flowers in his head!

After this massive day Kody fell asleep in the car straight away, had a bottle when we got home and then he slept til 8 am!! And so did I! Finally we´re done with the jetlaged 5 am mornings!


Postat av: Martina

Ser kalasfint ut! härliga kort! hoppas det finns möjlighet att träffa er när ni är "hemma"! :)

2012-06-24 @ 22:20:51
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